We encourage you to attend our monthly meetings.  These are a great way for us
to keep in touch with one another, share updated information about our sport
and have some informative conversations.

The next general meeting will be on

November 4, 2015

Bench racing & eats @ 6pm....Meeting @ 7pm

23826 104th Ave. SE Kent

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 New T shirts are here....will be available at the meetings......Get them from Lenny either in person or by sending an email:

Pricing: small through xl $15.00 each

Pockets and xxl, xxxl $17.00 each

shipping add $5.95


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From the Devore family....It's with a heavy heart that I post Mike past away early this morning at 1250am peacefully and pain free surrounded by family and loved ones. Thanks to everyone who knew and loved Mike for your prayers and for checking on him frequently. We will be planning a gathering hopefully the weekend after this one.


Memorial Service for Dad (Ken Niemann) is set for Saturday, October 10th from 2-4:30 at Kiana Lodge.
Address is 14976 Sandy Hook Rd, Poulsbo, WA 98370
Any and all who knew my dad, the family, or just me, are welcome.
Please share and pass on the word.


We lost a good one late this afternoon, a national champion racer in the S.S. class, a champion father, and husband, a very good Commodore of Seattle Drag and Ski. and a great personal friend, A strong man who fought cancer for years, and he finally lost the battle,, R .I.P. Ken Niemann




Due to the fires in Eastern Washington, their proximity and impact on Pateros, the 2015 Pateros Hydro Classic has been cancelled. The Lakeshore park has become a campground for evacuees of the fire areas and the Columbia River is being used for water pick up to fight the fires. The Mayor of Pateros and the Dept. of Natural Resources have determined that the race should be cancelled because of the current situation.

Tim Hamilton, Race Chairman.

As we know that we are unable to hold our race this year, we need to remember the bigger picture and that is keeping all that are affected and our racing family in our thoughts and prayers, as well as all those helping fight these horrific fires.
Thank you to Tim, Julie Porter and all that have worked so hard to make this race happen... mother nature had other plans.
Please look forward to Spanaway the weekend of September 12th and 13th!

Ana Cappelletti


The Oak Harbor race has been approved here is the link:


Here are some links for rooms at Oak Harbor:  360 675 2288 800 365 0043

Must mean the race is getting closer with the sign's going up


Hello again everyone-

We kicked butt this last weekend on the new Property at Black Lake. I want to thank those that showed up, you know who you are and I hope I made it clear how much I appreciated you being there.

Next party is NEXT Saturday June 20th, two weekends away. Because of how much we accomplished at the last party I think all we’re going to need to do is have an Army of Riding Lawn Mowers show up, and also a few small trailers and rakes and hands to load up the loose grass that remains and dispose of it off site (or maybe on site if Jay allows). I can only get two riding lawn mowers from Lew Rents. The grounds are in good shape now so you won’t thrash your equipment by using it there.

I’d like to hear from some younger guys in the Club, it was great seeing the “well seasoned” gentleman work their butts off but the ratio of younger vs. older was not right. Come on guys. I have some of you on my list to call and shame you into coming, don’t make me do that.

Please RSVP with me, and plan on being there 8:30-9:00. We can’t pick up equipment from Lew Rents until 8:00.

Thanks in advance, -Shawn


Shawn Waters


Board Member, Seattle Drag & Ski Sprint Boats

Race Director, 2015 Black Lake Regatta


To All SD&S members

Hello everyone-

As some of you know, we’ve been Donated a very large piece of land at Black Lake to use for a new Spectator viewing area. Part of the Agreement for this land use is that we prep and maintain it before the Race on July 11th & 12th. Some of you may remember this Property from back in the day, it was mostly all Grass but it has been left to Mother Nature for years. The area we are going to utilize is about Seven Acres. Mr. Dick Price has stepped up already with some heavy equipment and has made a huge dent in the work required to get it up to par, but it will require more. We are going to need at least Three work parties, probably Four, to get the property into the Condition it needs to be to host a race. I wanted to get some dates out there for all of you to Consider and ask you for help.

1.  This coming Tuesday, May 26th: Dick and I are meeting up in the am at Lew Rents in West Olympia to pick up a Bobcat with a Trimmer and also a Commercial Weed Whacker. Lew Rents has stepped up and is letting us use equipment FOR FREE. If I can get some additional bodies on board for Tuesday let me know ASAP and I’ll reserve some additional equipment.

2.  Saturday, June 6th: Big group needed for additional mowing and weed whacking, maybe some work at Evergreen Shores if time allows. If you have a riding mower bring it, if you have a good Weed Eater bring it. I need those that plan on coming to RSVP and let me know what they are bringing so I can reserve equipment with Lew Rents as needed.

3.   Saturday, June 20th: Further clean up and Maintenance of prior work performed. Again please RSVP with me and let me know what you’re bringing so I can make equipment reservations.

4.   Week prior to Race Weekend, July 6th - 9th: Further maintenance, final prep just before the race on this new Property as well as Evergreen Shores.

I know this is a lot to ask. This Property is VERY important to the Success of the Race this Year, and will most likely turn into something we will rely on heavily in the future as well.

Please contact me via email at so I can easily keep track of who’s coming and what they can bring. Remember lots of hands make light work!

Thanks, -Shawn


Shawn Waters


Board Member, Seattle Drag & Ski Sprint Boats

Race Director, 2015 Black Lake Regatta and


The latest from Dart on the 350 head:

From Michelle Curry:

SLIPS ARE OPEN! SLIPS ARE OPEN!! You can now make your reservation for the slips on F Dock, get a front row seat to the ACTION!! Call the Oak Harbor Marina at 360-279-4575 and let Stephanie or Chris take your reservation today!! ***Daily slip rate has increased over last year and the number of wristbands will be limited per boat***


There is additional information as to what helmets are legal for this year and beyond. Please click ( here ) for that information.


From IRC member Codling who requested this to be posted for the 5 liter class:



The IRC approved the updates for the 5 Litre engine (45.4.13 & 45.4.14) by a vote of 13-0-1.


Approved votes:  Jeff Bernard, Sean Bowsher, Jim Codling, Russ Dodge, Marty Hammersmith, Kent Henderson, Kim Liddycoat, Matt O’Conner, Dave Rankin, Julian Rucki, Bob Schellhase, Jim Sechler and Dave Shaw


Abstained votes:  MaryAnne Wilson.



45.4.13 Intake Manifold:  Edelbrock # 7101 only, the manifold may be milled on head mating surface and may be milled on carburetor mounting surface to compensate for engine angle.

45.4.14 Carburetor/Spacer:  Carburetor: Holley 4brl. 600 CFM # 0-4776C Venturii size: primary 1.250", secondary 1.312" Throttle bore: primary and secondary 1.562" No polishing or other modifications allowed, including the following parts:

- Accelerator pump.

- Power valve (may not be removed).

- Float assembly and float bowl (except adjustment of float lever).

- Throttle plate, throttle shaft and screws.

- Air horn.

Only carburetor choke mechanism components may be removed. No machining to choke horn allowed.  1 One Canton spacer 1.000’’ # 85-160 may be used (no modifications allowed).  plus 2 gaskets for a total thickness of 1.250”.  An additional 1” maximum height straight bore spacer may be used which can be milled to compensate for engine angle.  A maximum of 3 gaskets for a total thickness of 0.266” allowed.  A velocity stack or tube may be affixed to the carburetor.  Fuel Pump - Any mechanical diaphragm type.  No pressurized fuel tanks.




Sandy Cody

Administrative Assistant

APBA Inboard



Check out this video clip ! Thanks to Chris Denslow......


Black Lake Regatta

From Shawn Waters

Camping at Race Site, July 10th - 12th, 2015:
I'm starting to take reservations at this time for the Event this Summer. It's first come, first serve basis, and will be open to participating racers and race support staff only. Camping will be located at Evergreen Shores, as usual. Please send me your RV information including length, if it has slides on the non-awning side, and any special needs. I'll also need the Team or Race association with your RSVP as well.
You can reach me via email at
PM me through Facebook, or send me a text at 360-340-6674
If you do not receive a confirmation back within a day or two, that means I did not receive your RSVP.
Please share this within Facebook, and also with those who you know do not use this new thing called the Inter-Web
Thanks, -Shawn


 The Racers Prayer...

Lord, I pray as I race today keep me safe along my way. Not only me, but the others too, as they perform the jobs they do. I know God, that in every race, I the driver must set the pace. Let me not desire more speed, warp my judgement and turn into greed From green to checkers guide me thru. Give me strength to know what to do. Remind me often in the race of life, how to cope with all the strife. Help me accept the wins I may receive, and all the defeats most graciously. Ride with me, don't allow me to lag. Guide me all the way to the checkered flag.


Welcome to the New Seattle Drag & Ski Sprint Boat Association web site.

Our Club is a very diverse Club.  Our membership covers entry level Flat Bottoms (Sportsman Entry) to top level Flats (The "K-Boats" ); the smallest hydroplanes  (1 Liters) to the largest & fastest of the hydroplanes (The Unlimiteds); a new and very active group known as the Vintage Racers; and our Safety & Rescue members (without whom the sport of organized boat racing could not happen). Rounding out our membership are folks who simply enjoy boat racing so much they become worker bees on our racing weekends; helping as crew members, race committee staff, and safety and teardown!

You can also see what is happening by checking the news page.